Hello Global Internet Traveler,

You have landed on a domain that belongs to yours truly. I am not really using it for anything right now, and if you are in the buyers' market I might be interested in selling. Or not, depending on the day of the week you happen to catch me. Anyway, give me a ring if you want to chat about that or anything else which might capture my attention, like the physiology of wild jackalopes endemic to the southern Mojave.

I am not going to put my phone number out on the internet in plain text, so you'll have to solve this puzzler before you can call me up:

- First of all I'm in the USA, so dial the appropriate country code if needed.
- The first three digits of my phone number (area code) equal the square root of 104329.
- The next three digits of my phone number equal 2^9+88 (that is 2 raised to the 9th power plus 88).
- The 7th and 8th digits of my phone number are the number of states that made up the United States prior to January 3, 1959.
- The 9th and 10th digits of my phone number are the number of bits processed at one time in current-generation microprocessor architecture (current-generation meaning the successor to x86 architecture).

I look forward to talking to 'ya.